Economic Development


Crossover Development Company (CDC) is committed to the revitalization and redevelopment of our community through economic and housing development.

Mixed Use Plan

Economic Development

An economic gap analysis/leakage study for north Tulsa shows that roughly $250 million leaves north Tulsa every year. This lack of capturing and turning dollars over in our community contributes to the 9% unemployment rate and 49% of residents not in the labor force.

To help address this lack of services and quality jobs, CDC pursues economic development projects. CDC’s first retail development will begin in 2014 on CCI’s land at 36th St. N. and Peoria Ave. Local entrepreneurs will be supported and/or trained to develop businesses in these retail spaces.

CDC also utilizes retail and housing construction projects to create jobs in our community. CDC partners with TulsaTech to provide training for youth in construction trades while CDC uses the Jobs for Life Program.


If you’re interested in CDC’s construction jobs program, contact Justin Pickard here.