Our Intern Program

The internship program is focused on three domains for a well-rounded program. The three areas of focus are Urban Ministry, Discipleship, and Christian Community. The program starts in the fall semester and runs 9 months concurrent with the traditional school year.

Our Mission

Restoring our community by immersing young adults in urban ministry, discipleship and intentional Christian community.


Urban Ministry

Interns have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the urban ministry work of Crossover. These ministries include: Crossover Health Services, Crossover Preparatory Academy, Crossover Development Company, Crossover Bible Church, Crossover Kids, the Street Leader Program, and Crossover Sports Association.


We believe that all Christians have a duty “to do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). Towards these ends, Crossover Interns will be trained and engage in the disciple-making efforts of Crossover Bible Church especially through its Missional Teams and Huddles. For more information about the beliefs and disciple-making approach of Crossover Bible Church, click here for Crossover Bible Church website.

Interns will partake in a unique interpretation of Christian community, as they live with each other and Crossover staff. Male interns live in the Perkins House, under the care of DeMarco Taylor, and female interns live in the Sojourner House, under the care of Katie Lepine her family. Both dwellings are fully furnished and rented at a reduced cost.
Interns meet regularly to study a variety of books, these three areas of focus: intentional Christian community, discipleship and urban ministry. Interns are expected to read one book per month and engage in discussion, facilitated by the house leaders and other mentors.
At this time, we’re only able to offer same-gender housing for single persons and are unable to accommodate families, single parents with children, etc. Regrettably, neither home is ADA accessible. Should you find yourself in any of these categories, contact Justin Pickard about other opportunities to serve within Crossover.
For more information about the Internship Program, please see the Brochure and contact Katie Lepine.