StreetLeader Program

Since 2013, CCI has hired north Tulsa teens (StreetLeaders) per semester as part-time employees in the IMPACT Kids After School Program and Summer Day Camp to work as tutors and mentors for our elementary age students.

The StreetLeader Program is designed to provide teens from at-risk communities with real world job experience. The job skills of CCI’s StreetLeaders are refined through daily coaching sessions and monthly performance evaluations. In the latter, the StreetLeaders are given feedback on their general job skills, positive attitude, enthusiasm and initiative, supervising and caring for students, tutoring, and support of our teachers in the program.

As the name of the program indicates, we also expect our StreetLeaders to be leaders in north Tulsa. We challenge our StreetLeaders to use their influence and leadership abilities to make positive changes in the lives of our elementary kids, other StreetLeaders, and friends at school and in their neighborhoods.

The StreetLeader Program also incentivizes and supports high academic achievement. While high school students applying for a job as a StreetLeader do not have to have high grade point averages to get into the program, once they are in the program, they cannot get any grade lower than a “C” in a semester. If they are struggling with passing a class, they will need to take off a semester to get their grades up before reapplying for a position in the program. We track our StreetLeaders’ grades throughout the semesters and seek to provide them support, including connecting StreetLeaders to tutoring in subjects in which they are struggling.


Ultimately, our hope is that the teens from our community will be equipped through the StreetLeader Program with the job skills, leadership and academic abilities, and heart to lead in our community as adults. Moreover, we hope that some of our elementary school kids who currently look up to our StreetLeaders will themselves become StreetLeaders and be passionate about tutoring and mentoring the kids who come after them.

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2019-2020 StreetLeaders

Training with College Staff, Courtney Wright
Training with College Staff, Courtney Wright

College Staff